• Castles & Chemo II: Post Mortem

    When I first thought about doing something charitable with my time, I never thought that Castles & Chemo would be the end result. Oh, sure, the thought of using my favorite hobby was certainly a big part of the concept, but until last year, the idea was rather amorphous. Things like a marathon DMing spree, selling adventures for charity, & similar ideas were tossed around (and may be worked into future C&C endeavors), but no matter how I thought of it, it all seemed too complicated.

    Somewhere along the line, I received a package from Meetup.com, through a partnership with Wizards of the Coast. Since I was running a meetup group that was running the D&D Encounter program, they sent me a bunch of merch to be distributed at the meetup. Staring at the stuff, I was puzzled as to what to do with all of it.

    Then it hit me. I’ll hold a fundraiser and give them out as prizes! But for what? Just having a raffle for $30 books didn’t seem like enough.

    Then it hit me again. I’ll write an adventure, and people who pay to be a part of the raffle can play it!

    That was the format that eventually won out. As I worked on it, the raffle part began to give way to the adventure. But I was nervous about the whole thing; no one had done anything similar to this before (according to my contact at the American Cancer Society), so I had no idea how much of a success it’d be.

    Here I am, second year in a row, writing a post mortem of the event.

    When I got home after the event, I sat down to count the donations, and was stunned. Not only did we break last year’s total, we more than doubled it! We ended up raising $1,894, with more than two-thirds of that money coming in from the event alone. And money is still trickling in from the online donations. To think that this crazy idea of mine would go on to raise so much money is almost beyond comprehension. I am overwhelmed with the amount of support the whole endeavor has gotten, from organizational support from Mutual of Omaha, prize support from Meetup.com, operational support from Battlegrounds Gaming and GamingETC, to other support from people I can’t officially name (though I hope she knows how much I appreciate her help ^_-). I am downright humbled to know that so many people wanted to help.

    Once again, I’ll be doing encores at Gen Con on Thursday & Friday. Though they’re close to sold out, you’re more than welcome to stop by and talk shop, hang out, & watch the adventure(s) being run. And who knows? I might be convinced to run unscheduled sessions wherever we can find a table (Circle Center Mall, anyone?).

    I would like to thank everyone who came out to the event. I would also like to thank my volunteers and corporate sponsors for helping make this event as big as it is.

    What a Wonderful World!